What is Stockr.co?

Stockr.co is an online platform created to allow traders and alike to place wagers on the price change of crypto currencies. We offer wagers for 1hr, 4hr and Daily timelines. It is a lot like sports betting. We create the line on weather we think price will go UP or DOWN in the next timeframe. We allow you to place wagers on that.


We started this platform in hopes of filling a void. As avid traders for past 10 years, when there was a set up for a certain timeline, I had to care about slippage, platform fees, small gains. Stockr.co offers flexibility for day traders and investors alike. It can be used to hedge your current gains or do scalping in the short term.


Say Bitcoin is trading at $6,300 at 13:56PM. You think that bitcoin price will rise in the next hour. We allow you to place a wager before 14:00PM. The odds for the price of bitcoin to be higher than $6,300 at 14:00PM are -145. Your wager of 1 BTC will earn you .69 BTC and a total payout of 1.69BTC available to withdraw immediately.

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